We specialize in both technical writing and promotional copywriting. For either type, we meet with you personally, discuss your needs, conduct any necessary research to compose your document according to your specifications, then perfect that document once you’ve approved a final draft. When we deliver something written by Bookmarker, it’s ready for publication: no proofing or fine-tuning needed—our own copyediting and proofreading skills are built into the final version at no extra cost.

Technical writing encompasses those compositions that require a much more field-specific focus and degree of technicality on the basis of the client’s type of business. Examples include user manuals, highly specialized web pages, and internal corporate documents. After meeting with you and gathering any necessary source material, we work independently to compose however many drafts you wish to meet your end goal. We know how to present information in the most effective, organized, and reader-friendly way. So even if you know exactly what needs to be written, we free you from having to compose it in-house, expending time and resources that could be better allocated elsewhere.

Promotional copywriting is less formal than the technical variety; it aims to reach a particular target audience and accomplishes this by sculpting language to optimally convey your organization’s personality, the tone you wish to resonate with readers. Newsletters, brochures, marketing materials, general website copy, press releases, and employee biographies are all pieces enhanced by custom-tailored writing meant to appeal to specific demographics with specific interests. So whether you want to simply impart information to your existing clientele or garner new business, Bookmarker assesses the characteristics of your venture and creates unique, imaginative writing to relay them in the most appropriate manner.

Ghostwriting, of course, means that you get the byline and the credit while we write your piece anonymously behind the scenes. Don’t worry: It’s a perfectly legitimate and frequently employed practice!



“Editing” is one of those broad terms that means different things to different people. Developmental editing, for example, entails working closely with an author from initial conception onward, as opposed to perfecting a piece once it’s already written. And picture editing involves arranging illustrations, securing permissions, and possibly writing captions for all artwork that will appear in a publication, usually a book. Although Bookmarker can certainly provide any type of editorial assistance you require, we specialize in these more common types of editing:

A copyedit is done upon a completed draft of any type of document, and it entails a wide and important array of tasks absolutely essential to a perfected piece: correct grammar and spelling, faultless syntax, proper word/language usage, factual accuracy, reference styling, and maintaining consistency—that all-important (but most neglected) concept sacred to a good copyeditor. Consistency means that a term capitalized in one place remains capitalized in another. Consistency means that you don’t use “World War Two” early on and “World War II” later or both “predominantly” and “predominately.” Consistency means that if Sally has red hair in Chapter 2, her blond locks aren’t reflecting the sunlight in Chapter 9; that your use of numbers (words or numerals?) stays the same throughout; that equally weighted subheads conform to the same style; that … Well, we could go on and on, but you needn’t worry about all the particulars, because Bookmarker attends to each and every element in your document, creating a style sheet as we go along and guaranteeing that your publication will be free of all the mistakes you so commonly find in your competition’s compositions.

Also called “substantive editing,” line editing covers all of the tasks of basic copyediting, but it goes a step further by making significant changes to text where needed—wherever rewriting and reorganization would benefit your document. Literally, we go “line by line” through your copy, with a specialized eye on content. True, a Bookmarker copyedit also proceeds line by line—actually, character by character—but whereas a copyedit will point out awkward phraseology, unclear meaning, or illogical presentation of ideas in the form of an authorial query, for example, a line edit will actually provide you with a suggested rewrite and/or a revised outline.



Ah! If only every person and every business took advantage of this crucial step, much time and money could be saved: no more beautifully designed, full-color, 32-page annual reports positively marred by a single typo; no more single-page elegant menus made decidedly unappetizing by “ala cart” entrées, or “cannnelloni,” or “red Beans and rice”; no more failures to get that interview for the administrative assistant’s job because your cover letter talked about the “administrative assistants job.” Proofreading involves checking your document for all potential errors—not just the textual sort, but typographical aspects and design specifications as well. We do both “cold” reads (scouring the typeset document independently) and “comparative” reads (comparing the typeset document word for word against the most recent draft to confirm that earlier changes have been properly incorporated and that the final product precisely adheres to the desired copy, with no unintentionally altered or dropped text), both for the same price and at the same relative speed.



Often, authors don’t have the time and/or the resources to check whether it’s “St. Tropez” or “Saint-Tropez”; whether the tallest mountain in North America is McKinley or Logan; the actual time span of the Seven Years’ War; or the proper abbreviation of “kilobits per second” (it’s “Kbps,” by the way!). Or maybe you want to use a great quote for an epigraph, but you don’t know the source. Perhaps you want to give a few examples of twentieth-century breakthroughs for your promotional brochure on your newest product, but only one comes to mind as you rush through the first draft to hand in to your boss. No problem! Bookmarker has an extensive reference library at its disposal (hard copy and electronic), and we check—then double-check—the accuracy of every statement you make so that your publications not only contain factual, up-to-date details, but exude intelligence, authority, and conscientiousness.



With a variety of attractive résumé layouts in our database and a knack for highlighting your strengths and talents in writing designed to express who you are and the tenor you wish to establish for a particular composition, Bookmarker is confident that we can present you in your best possible light in any written form you require. We interview you personally so that your materials are customized, attention-grabbing reflections of your truest self, giving you a sure advantage over the competition. Quick turnaround times, affordable rates, and impeccable writing assure that you won’t miss the cutoff date for that job you covet or the deadline for your application.



Bookmarker specializes in stylized layouts and signature designs of basic materials that can be created on-screen—for example, logos, stationery, flyers, newsletters, and brochures.



Bookmarker can act as a project editor/project manager for your publication, serving as the liaison for all necessary tasks from start to finish. That means we hire any specialists you need—editors, indexers, and the like—and work offsite to supervise and coordinate each stage of the production process.



Sometimes companies or individuals want to know how they can learn to complete editorial tasks on their own or in-house, eliminating the need to regularly hire freelancers to fulfill the same functions. To meet this demand, we offer half-day or full-day editorial consultation and training seminars wherein we teach you the tricks of the trade, familiarize you with all editorial marks, explain the fundamentals of good writing, and point you to all the resource materials you’ll need to find the answers to the most common and the most obscure language issues and questions.



*The explanations of services provided here are intended to convey Bookmarker’s application of these services, not necessarily dictionary-type definitions that will apply globally to all businesses. So although the definitions are standard and will normatively carry over into any editorial context, they appear here for the user’s comprehension—as a means to discern what particular function you’re seeking.

**Bookmarker is not a graphic arts studio, although we do have an eye for aesthetic layouts and training in the fine arts. Accordingly, if you require camera-ready copy to conform to your printer’s specifications or have more complex needs—like original photography, color separations, process-color layouts, or hand-drawn illustrations—we can either outsource these projects for you or refer you to studios we recommend.


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