Writing (Promotional Copywriting, Technical Writing & Ghostwriting)
Editing (Copyediting & Line Editing)
Fact Checking / Research
Résumés, Cover Letters & Personal Essays/Speeches
Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing
Production / Project Management
Editorial Consultation & Training

Because our rates vary depending on the specific task(s) requested, the required deadline, and the level of complexity of each individual job, please call for an on-the-spot estimate for your particular project.

Our fees conform to industry standards, are usually quoted by the hour, and are negotiable based on customer requirements and anticipated volume of work.

Like any freelance business, Bookmarker must work on a first-come, first-served basis. Immediate availability cannot therefore be guaranteed, but we will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling needs and we will accept only those jobs for which we know we can meet your deadline. Even if you're not quite sure when you'll be ready to hand off a job—or even whether you'll definitely have a job to hand off—it is to your advantage to call and inquire about available time slots.

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